Invite Ireland Business Terms & Conditions

  1. All registrations and their associated payments to the website are subject to clearance from our payments processors PayPal and Braintree.
  2. All business information provided by the business customer must be accurate at the time of registration and in the course of uploading to the website.
  3. Registration payments are non-refundable except where it is deemed appropriate by and/ or mutually agreed upon prior to registration expiration.
  4. IMPORTANT TERMS OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION Please take a few minutes to read the following important terms. Can I subscribe to Invite Ireland Services? Yes, if you are 18 or over and are the business owner or have been assigned in writing by the business owner to represent their business at and the services are only used for your business in Republic of Ireland and any other territories that you have registered businesses with InviteEurope or InviteWorldwide. If you move, change or close down your business or change your contact details you must tell us.
  5. Each subscription lasts for (the Minimum Term) that you have registered for from the first date you register your business with Invite Ireland (usually within 2 hours of receiving your confirmation e-mail from confirming your registration with us). We will charge you for the relevant service from this date.
  6. When can you end your contract with earlier?
    1. The contract can be ended earlier if you have registered for “Invite for Business” services with directly from by telephone, via the internet, by e-mail to, you have the right to cancel your contract with us by notifying us in writing to the following e-mail address ( or by contacting one of our service representatives on 01-9012555 one month before your Minimum Term ends. We will charge you an early termination charge, unless stated otherwise. Unless you tell us otherwise, we may charge these amounts directly to the credit or debit card which you have provided us with details of, e.g. when you paid for your registration to By entering into these contracts, you are authorising us to do so. We will give you reasonable notice before these charges are made.
  7. Will the price of my subscription rise during the Minimum Term? Under the registration contract we can increase the price of your subscription when the following occurs:
    1. Your business description changes, the size of your business increases or you wish to advertise to get prominence on the InviteIreland website at any time during the Minimum Term. However, in all other cases we can only increase the relevant Subscription Payment once during the Minimum Term. This increase won’t affect you during the first 60 days of your subscription to your chosen service(s) and will not be more than either 10% of the standard price of your Option or the increase in the Irish Retail Price Index over the last 12 months before we tell you about that price increase, whichever is greater. Under the subscription, if at any time you change your chosen option of MinimumTerm or your business description changes or your business increases in size, you will pay the then current price for your new option based on some if not all of the criteria aforementioned


Pricing for Hosting Listings on Invite Ireland

Listing Type Per Month Ex. Vat 6 Months Ex. Vat 12 Months Ex. Vat
Any Activity €25.00 €135.00 €255.00
Any Restaurant €25.00 €135.00 €255.00
Any Night Life Listing €25.00 €135.00 €255.00
B&B / Guesthouse / etc. €25.00 €135.00 €255.00

Catergory 1 Hotel

A Category 1 Hotel is classed as any Hotel or Castle located in any of the following towns or cities:

  • Dublin City
  • Cork City
  • Galway City
  • Limerick City
  • Waterford City
  • Killarney
  • Kilkenny
  • Westport
Number of Rooms Per Month Ex Vat 6 Months Ex Vat 12 Months Ex Vat
1 to 50 Rooms €50.00 €270.00 €510.00
51 to 100 Rooms €95.00 €513.00 €969.00
101 to 150 Rooms €135.00 €729.00 €1,377.0
151 to 200 Rooms €170.00 €918.00 €1,734.00
201 to 250 Rooms €200.00 €1,080.00 €2,040.00
More than 250 Rooms €225.00 €1,215.00 €2,295.00

Catergory 2 Hotel

A Category 2 Hotel is classed as any Hotel or Castle located in Ireland not in one of the Category 1 towns or cities above

Number of Rooms Per month Ex Vat 6 Months Ex Vat 12 Months Ex Vat
1 to 50 Rooms €40.00 €216.00 €408.00
51 to 100 Rooms €75.00 €405.00 €765.00
101 to 150 Rooms €105.00 €567.00 €1,071.00
151 to 200 Rooms €130.00 €702.00 €1,326.00
201 to 250 Rooms €150.00 €810.00 €1,530.00
More Than 251 Rooms €165.00 €891.00 €1,683.00